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House Rules

To ensure you, and all our future guests have a thoroughly enjoyable time in our accommodation, we have a few requests for your stay.  As part of the terms and conditions of our pitch licence we have to ensure our guests behave in a responsible and respectful manner – and ensure that the park is kept clean and tidy at all times.  As such, unfortunately as per our terms and conditions, if we become aware that you are breaching any of these rules, we will have to ask you to leave.  After you have left, a thorough inspection will be made.  Assuming all is well, your security deposit will be returned within 2 working days.

  1. Please ensure that the key box is kept locked with the tumblers set to zeroes at all times. This is to ensure the code inside is not accidentally changed (as this would necessitate a visit from us with a master key to reset it).   To lock the box, simply close the flap, ensure the code is set to the current code as per your email, turn the circular knob (with the key hole in it) 90 degrees to the left and then zero all the tumblers.  (For further explanation, please see the separate instructions with images, we can also send you a video if you’re finding it difficult).
  2. Absolutely no smoking or vaping inside the accommodation or on the deck.
  3. No pets of any kind are permitted inside the accommodation.
  4. If you would like any guests to visit during your stay, please request this in advance. Only the pre-approved guests as provided on the booking form may stay overnight in the accommodation with a maximum capacity of 6.  This is to ensure our insurance and the fire regulations are not invalidated.
  5. Please respect other holiday makers and owners on the park and keep noise to a minimum before 7.30am and after 10pm. We certainly don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun but the park is able to force us to evict guests if they should receive complaints from neighbouring owners. 
  6. Please keep the deck area and area around the accommodation clear of all rubbish at all times. You’ll find the bins behind the accommodation just a 10 second walk away.
  7. Please park your car considerately.  A maximum of 2 cars can be parked at the accommodation. There is guest parking up at reception if needed.  Please don’t move the pots on the edge of the patio.  Absolutely no parking on the patio.
  8. Please remove shoes before entering any carpeted area in the caravan. Any stains left on the carpets will result in the loss of your security deposit.
  9. Please don’t remove the sofa covers.
  10. Please carefully read the Hot Tub rules before use.
  11. We understand that accidents happen and breakages occur.  All we ask is that you replace anything you should break or damage before you leave with an item of similar quality.  If anything less than incidental should get broken, please let us know as soon as possible.
  12. Please don't remove mattress protectors from the beds.
  13. Please ensure children are carefully supervised at all times. Feel free to move items out of reach of children as needed but please return them before your departure.  It is your responsibility to ensure that children only use toys provided that are suitable for their age.
  14. We have supplied blankets for use on the deck - please do not take any lounge cushions or duvets or pillows from the bedrooms outside and please bring the blankets back inside if they're not in use.
  15. Feel free to use all the additional amenities that we have provided, but please use them as if they were your own and return them to where you found them so other guests may enjoy them in the future.  A full inventory will be checked on your departure.
  16. Please leave the remote control for the fire inside the cupboard to the right of the fire (or return it there after use).
  17. Unfortunately, ball games are not permitted to the front or rear of the caravan. There is an onsite grass sports field and multi-sports courts.  Sadly, both our neighbours have experienced damage to their properties from previous guests ball games.
  18. Please ensure windows are closed whenever leaving the accommodation.
  19. Please turn the heating off whenever you leave the caravan.
  20. Please notify us if you have needed to swap an empty gas bottle so we can ensure a new one is ordered.
  21. Before your departure, please leave the accommodation as you would hope to find it.  Review our checkout procedure thoroughly.
  22. Most importantly, have an absolutely fantastic and relaxing time and if you have any problems or questions before, during or after your booking - please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  We have several 'owner friends' (including our neighbours – Martin & Lynette to the left and Deanne & Mark to the right) who live on site who can help out if needed, and of course you can always ask the Parkdean team too.


  1. Please carefully read the hot tub instructions below before use.
  2. You are responsible for your own health and safety whilst using the hot tub. You choose to use the hot tub at your own risk. 
  3. Please stand the hot tub cover on it’s side against the deck or table/pots to ensure it doesn’t get damaged or put dirt/grass into the hot tub when put back on. If you HAVE to lay the hot tub lid down, please lay it on the patio (not on the grass) with the inflatable side facing up to keep it clean and protected.
  4. Maximum of 6 people in the hot tub.
  5. For their safety, children under 14 are not permitted in the hot tub at any time.
  6. Please ensure the hot tub is fully covered whenever not in use with all clips fully engaged.
  7. Children must be carefully supervised around the hot tub.
  8. Absolutely no jumping into the hot tub.
  9. Please ensure your body AND feet are clean when entering the hot tub. If the rubber mats next to the hot tub become dirty, feel free to wash them down with the hose to ensure the dirt isn’t transferred into the hot tub. 
  10. Do not enter the hot tub without showering if you are wearing sun tan lotion.
  11. NO FOOD to be consumed while in the hot tub.
  12. Please return the hot tub temperature to 35 degrees before you get out.
  13. Please do not turn the hot tub off completely.
  14. Please ensure the bubbles are switched off before putting the cover back on.
  15. Swimwear must be worn.
  16. Please do not walk through the caravan with wet feet or dripping swimwear.
  17. Any damage to or excessive cleaning of the hot tub as a result of your use will be taken from your security deposit.

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